Finance Your New Dream Home

Finance your dream home in Phoenix, Anthem, Scottsdale and the Surrounding Areas

Let us connect you to a great lender to help you make it happen and walk you through the process.

Step #1 – The Pre-Approval Process

The Process is not as scary as you think.

Our pre-approval service provides more than a loan pre-qualification. It’s a convenient way to get the paperwork done sooner, so you can focus on the enjoyment of shopping for a home. It can also help you buy in areas where there are more home-buyers than sellers, and competition for properties is hot.

How our pre-qualification and pre-approval service works:

    • Discuss your requirements with our preferred loan officer and provide detailed information about your employment, assets and credit history. If you’ve requested a pre-qualification, this is all you’ll need to provide.
    • If you prefer a pre-approval, our preferred loan officer will help you identify the documents required to evaluate your loan application.
    • Once we receive your documents, our underwriter will review your information and determine whether we can approve your loan. Your loan approval will be based on many factors, including an estimated sales price that you provide, and will be subject to an appraisal once you find your new home.
    • After the underwriting process is complete, you will be free to take your time shopping for a home with confidence. When you find the perfect house you can focus on making your offer, interior decor and moving, instead of hunting for the documents to obtain your loan.
    • When you find the right home, we’ll order an appraisal and a review of the title.
    • These services are designed to help you buy the house you really want with nominal delays.
    Complete the contact form and we will have a highly qualified loan officer reach out to you.