Don’t Let Assumptions about Homes for Sale in Anthem Rob You of the Perfect Home


Let’s Don’t Assumptions about Homes For Sale

Many buyers, when searching for real estate in Anthem, Arizona and the surrounding areas, assume that a house that’s been listed for sale and on the market longer than the average time has something wrong with it.

Though that could be true, but in many cases, the long days on the market have nothing to do with the house itself. Instead, it has everything to do with the price, the marketing, or the presentation.  Remember the old adage, Price, Location and Condition.

Let’s start with the price. Often owners of homes that are over-priced are more than willing to consider considerably lower offers, but won’t let their agent change the offered price. So take a look, and if you like it, we can offer a price for the home that is closer to what market value is.  You might get a pleasant surprise.  When we work with our clients we will prepare a Market Analysis on the property of interest to help you better understand the value of the home, compared to others.

The next factor is marketing. Some agents enter only one fuzzy photo and only the barest descriptions in MLS, which causes the majority of buyers to skip right on by. The house could be suffering from nothing more than a lazy agent.  When you main feature sound right, sometimes it is best for us to just get out there and look at the home.

And then there’s presentation. Some beautiful homes are occupied by people who either unreasonably restrict the times the house can be shown, or fail to keep it in showing condition. You just might find a bargain if you’re willing to view the house at the seller’s convenience – or overlook unmade beds and dirty dishes in the sink.

So take a chance on spending a little time to take a look at those Anthem and Scottsdale homes for sale that have been on the market twice as long as normal. You just might find the gem you’ve been searching for.

Call me any time – I’ll be glad to go exploring with you.

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